June 15, 2021

Donald Morrison: Oh, brave new Bitcoin world | Local News

My wife and I talked it over, and when I die, she’s going to have me turned into a nonfungible token.

Not entirely sure what that is, but do I know that an NFT, as it is called, was sold at a Christie’s auction in March for $69 million.

OK, I looked it up: A nonfungible token is an asset recorded on a cryptocurrency blockchain. Got that?

Pretty much anything can be turned into an NFT, from sneakers (Nike’s CryptoKicks) to music albums (“When You See Yourself” by Kings of Leon) to corpses. It’s easy. Just upload a digital file of your asset to an NFT website, and Bob’s your undertaker.

The $69 million digital file sold at Christie’s was a work created by an artist who goes by the name Beeble. As with all NFTs, the blockchain wrinkle guarantees that the item will remain irresistibly unique and nonfungible, i.e., not transferrable except under certain conditions. So, when my body is NFT-mated, my wife will be a rich woman.

Our NFT madness is…

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