January 17, 2022

Mark Cuban Is Quietly Accumulating Several Altcoins Built on Ethereum – Here’s a Look at the Billionaire’s Top Crypto Holdings

Shark tank star and billionaire Mark Cuban is revealing his crypto portfolio, which includes several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and altcoins built on Ethereum (ETH).

According to ETH search engine EtherScan, Cuban’s top altcoin holdings include data exchange platform Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), cross-chain smart contract protocol Rarible (RARI), the governance token of the Olympus DAO (gOHM), and music streaming blockchain Audius (AUDIO).

The business magnate has also made a portion of his crypto wallet public and is showing off his NFT collection on the social crypto collectible platform Lazy.

Cuban’s collection includes NFTs built on ETH-competitors Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC), as well as ETH itself.

In a recent interview with comedian Jon Stewart, Cuban reveals that 80% of his most-recent non-Shark Tank investments have been into crypto assets as he believes newer generations are very likely to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their business models.


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