June 12, 2021

SOS Announces Receipt of the Third Batch of Crypto Mining Rigs and First Quarter Mining Results

QINGDAO, China, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS) (the “Company” or “SOS”) announced the receipt of the previously announced, third batch of 5464 cryptocurrency mining rigs.

Immediately upon delivery of the mining rigs, the SOS team kicked off inspection, configuration and installation procedures. Once this batch of mining rigs go live, the Company expects that the pool of rigs will be able to generate about 177 Peta-Hashes per second (PH/s) for mining Bitcoin and 356 Giga-Hashes per second (GH/s) for mining Ethereum (ETH). If the machines operate as expected, the long-term ROI (return on investment) is projected to be promising. These hash rates are subject to numerous factors, including down time for maintenance, reconfiguration and other variable factors that may materially impact computing performance in the future.

The Company confirms mining operations in Q1 2021, have generated 42 Bitcoins and 916 ETH. This is for a partial quarter of operation. SOS…

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